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Essentials to Maintaining Your Website

So you have worked months to achieve your goal of owning and building your company website. Now that the final code has been posted on your server you are left with the responsibility to maintain the website and drive traffic and customers to your business.

Website owners can manage their own website or hire developers like Chicago Tech Projects to maintain it for them. What are the benefits of of hiring a web developer vs managing your own website content? Consider the following:

1. Identify your web skills.

Your website development does not end with the final code added to your site. You must maintain social media, blog content, update photos, and text and even perhaps videos. Do you have the necessary skills to manage these various content types? Do you own or understand how to use the necessary software such as photo editing and web editing software to keep your website content new? If you answer no to any of these, you may consider hiring Chicago Tech Projects developer to maintain your website so you can focus on building your business.

2. Consider Hiring a Website Developer

Most websites today are developed with a Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal that allows website owners to manage and update content themselves. Besides content updates, websites built with CMS also require software upgrades. A skilled web developer such as Chicago Tech Projects developer can manage your website upgrades, plugins, modules, and core CMS code current.

Chicago Tech Projects web developers are skilled in maintaining WordPress and Drupal website content management systems.

3. Keep Social Media Accounts Updated

Most websites today are connected to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to name a few. In order to keep clients interested and gain new ones it is important to maintain an active social media presence. Updates doesn’t necessarily need to be daily however, consider setting apart few hours a week to manage your social media accounts. Chicago Tech Projects offers services to manage social media across all the major platforms.

4. Do you need web maintenance or new feature added?

Web maintenance work involve small changes to update existing website. Updates can range from changing a header, a photo or replacing a video on a web page. If however, you find that website updates are not enough to give you the desired result on your website, you may need a feature or two added. In other words, your website may need an upgrades. Upgrades and requests for new functionality to a website is not web maintenance but considered web development.  Consider,  the difference and know when to contact a web developer for their service.

With these tips you can determine how to successfully manage your website using  a content management system or hiring a website developer.

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